On October 1, 1910, Joseph B. Dwyer, agent for the Western Transit Company, arranged a luncheon meeting
at the Rathskellar Café. Twenty-seven men, representing the various lines serving Seattle, were in attendance.
The following Saturday, October 8, 1910, Frank W. “Pop” Parker was appointed Temporary Chairman and later
was elected to become the Club’s  first president for 1911. It was further decided to include traffic managers of
different industries and limit the membership to those holding positions of chief clerk or higher for railroads and
steamship lines.

The Club was named the Seattle Traffic Club. In 1912 the Club was incorporated and the name The
Transportation Club of Seattle was selected. Washington State provided incorporation certificate number
22797, mailed November 8, 1912, signed by I.M. Howell, Secretary of State. Time of existence was two years.
Capital stock: None. In 1962 the Articles of Incorporation were amended to read “... making the time of existence
perpetual” and signed by Secretary of State Victor A. Meyers.
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The Transportation Club has been at
the center of the Seattle area
transportation community for over 100
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It was twenty years ago, maybe a little more, that I was working at the same
company as my good friend, Kevin Boldt.  Every month, Kevin would go to this
meeting called the Transportation Club of Seattle.  I had no idea what folks did
at these meetings nor did I even know what the Transportation Club of Seattle
was.  Images of smoke-filled rooms with dark wood paneling, deals quietly
being discussed and made in comfy, over-sized leather chairs, important
issues and voices being raised—these were the things I imagined the club to
be about.

At Kevin’s urging I started attending meetings, and I discovered that some
things I got wrong about the Club and other things I got right.  No, the Club
meetings didn’t take occur in a place that looked like Harvard’s faculty lounge,
at least not the ones I was attending.  Maybe there was a club within the club
and these members assembled in the special meeting rooms.  
What I did get right, though, was the part about important voices and issues
being discussed.  Each month, we assemble and hear from someone within, or
aligned with, the transportation community.  Not only that, but at the end of
each presentation we get the opportunity to ask questions.  And we get to ask
these questions to people we might not ever have had the chance to meet or
listen to if it weren’t for the Club.
Attending and participating in important industry, and even sometimes societal,
conversations is a contribution all of us can make, and this contribution adds
value to our lives, both professionally and personally.  Since my joining the
Club I have learned about numerous issues facing the transportation industry,
about new technologies shaping all our lives, and about important companies
that I previously knew nothing about.  I’ve also had the chance to meet people
and to make new friends.

My first goal as 2018 president of the Transportation Club of Seattle is to
continue the work and add to the legacy that started over 100 years ago.  
There are other goals I have for this year, but this one is really the one that
matters most.  If we can continue to have great speakers, and great dialogue,
each time we gather, then that will make for a successful year.  Our speaker
lineup is set for 2018, and now it’s up to each of us to add to the dialogue.  I
would encourage all of you, if you have a question or comment, to speak up.  
As I’m constantly telling my kids, say it loud and proud.

I’m very grateful to my friend, Kevin, for introducing me to the Club all those
years ago.  My hope is that I have also encouraged someone else to get
involved with the Transportation Club of Seattle and for them to have had as
great an experience as I have.  So far, I haven’t found the secret rooms with
the secret members all meeting secretly.  Maybe I will before the year is