Dear Transportation Club of Seattle Members,

As a native of Washington, it is an honor to represent the club as
your 2017 Transportation Club of Seattle President. This organization
has a proud tradition of serving the Seattle area by connecting
transportation industry professionals for over 107 years. Our
Northwest gateway plays an important and vital role in this country’s
infrastructure. While trade has always played a role in our economy,
we are in an incredible period of history for our industry. Never has
there been a time where so much attention is being given to the
logistics of our field. Technology, along with a new generation of
thinkers, is rapidly changing the way goods and services are being
delivered with many of the companies leading those efforts calling
the Pacific Northwest home.

My goal as President and of this incredible group of individuals who
make up our board is to ensure that we as a club become more
connected as an industry, share new knowledge and ideas,
encourage the next generation of professionals and positively
affect our community by giving back.  

I am grateful to be a part of this transportation family and we
appreciate your continued support of this important organization.

Warmest Regards,

Ian McKillop
2017 President
The Transportation Club of Seattle
On October 1, 1910, Joseph B. Dwyer, agent for the Western Transit Company, arranged a luncheon meeting
at the Rathskellar Café. Twenty-seven men, representing the various lines serving Seattle, were in attendance.
The following Saturday, October 8, 1910, Frank W. “Pop” Parker was appointed Temporary Chairman and later
was elected to become the Club’s  first president for 1911. It was further decided to include traffic managers of
different industries and limit the membership to those holding positions of chief clerk or higher for railroads and
steamship lines.

The Club was named the Seattle Traffic Club. In 1912 the Club was incorporated and the name The
Transportation Club of Seattle was selected. Washington State provided incorporation certificate number
22797, mailed November 8, 1912, signed by I.M. Howell, Secretary of State. Time of existence was two years.
Capital stock: None. In 1962 the Articles of Incorporation were amended to read “... making the time of existence
perpetual” and signed by Secretary of State Victor A. Meyers.
Photo courtesy Peter Kim

The Transportation Club has been at
the center of the Seattle area
transportation community for over 100
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