Dear Applicants,

The Transportation Club of Seattle has been actively involved in the Pacific Northwest’s transportation industry
since 1910, working to develop this vital and exciting industry that has been a key factor in the region’s growth
and success.

Our Scholarship program has been developed to encourage interest in the transportation industry with the goal of
developing the next generation of transportation professionals.  Successful applicants will possess strong
academic skills and an interest in developing knowledge and skills related to transportation industry.
We encourage you to look further into this ancient yet ever evolving industry by taking the opportunity to visit with
us and apply for our Club’s Scholarship Program.

I look forward to congratulating each scholarship recipient in person at our annual scholarship awards luncheon.

Best Regards,

Tom Hammack
2019 President
Transportation Club of Seattle

One or more scholarships of at least $500 each will be awarded. Our Scholarship program has been developed to
encourage members of our club and their family members to better their lives through higher education.  
Successful applicants will possess strong academic skills and a commitment to complete a program of study that
will lead to an associates degree or higher, or a certificated program.  


The Transportation Club of Seattle Scholarship Program is administered by a three member panel, consisting of
existing board members and active or retired club members, with oversight by the Club President. Board members
on this committee cannot act as sponsors for any applicants.  The board determines the number and amount of
the scholarships given out.


Scholarships will be awarded on scholastic merit, ability and character, without regard to race, sex, color, creed or
intended or actual field of study. The awards are to be used by students who, through their efforts, achievements,
community service and character, have demonstrated their ability to benefit themselves and others, through
continuing education.


To be eligible for a scholarship you must meet ALL of the following general requirements:

•        Must be a TCS member or relative by blood or marriage of a current TCS member with at least 1 year of
good standing membership.  Qualifying membership must be for the year prior to the current award season.
•        Must be sponsored by a current member (member applicants can act as their own sponsor)
•        Must be enrolled or plan on enrolling in an accredited college or university by the following Fall term.
•        Minimum GPA of 2.5 or comparable evaluation (i.e. Pass/Fail college)
•        Current school transcript through Fall term. An official student copy is acceptable.
•        Must have 2 letters of recommendation.
•        Letters of recommendation must be from a current teacher/professor, school administrator, or operations
manager; and they must be written within the twelve months leading up to the application deadline.
•        Completed application including the essay.
•        Must submit 3 copies of all forms, in the following order:

(1)        Completed application
(2)        Letters of recommendation
(3)        Essay


•        Each award is for one year; students must re-apply for consideration the following year. No applicant may
receive more than four total scholarship awards.
•        Successful applicants will be asked to supply a picture of themselves for publication in our newsletter and
•        Successful candidates will also be asked to attend our June Scholarship Luncheon in Seattle where we will
formally recognize the scholarship recipients.
•        Scholarship monies are paid directly to registrar of recipients’ actual college or university. In the event of
non-enrollment in the Fall term, monies will be returned to the Club for use at the board’s discretion.

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LTNA Scholarship (click here)

LTNA Scholarships
For Eligible and Qualified College-Bound Graduating High School Students and Full-Time College Undergraduate
Students Only.

LTNA awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors and full-time undergraduate students enrolled in
accredited institutions of higher learning in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in the field of supply chain logistics.
Scholarships are awarded based upon the applicant's verified scholastic record, potential, professional interest
and character.

Graduating high school seniors and undergraduate students interested in applying for an LTNA scholarship
should read this page carefully and before submitting an application  for consideration by the LTNA Scholarship
Committee to determine eligibility and qualification status.

College Scholarships for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Students in the United States and Canada
Club of Seattle
P.O. Box 2457
Redmond, WA 98073-2457
Phone:  360-931-1702